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making chocolate as healthy and delicious as possible

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some workshop testimonials

‘When I first considered making raw chocolate, I found myself a little mystified by things like Purple Corn Powder, Lucuma, Maca and Mesquite.  Wasn't too sure what they were, never mind how to create something yummy with them.  Liz's workshop changed all of that, and took the guess work out of this rather different, but most wonderful way of creating gorgeous healthy treats.  She has a great depth of knowledge and experience.  The first part of the workshop takes you through the various ingredients involved, the best way to use them, as well as what they offer up nutritionally.  This is interspersed with taste tests:  chocolates created with the with the various different sweeteners and additions. I found this invaluable, as it gave me the chance to decide what appealed to me the most.  The second half was dedicated to the making of the chocolates, with lots of tips and tricks of the trade tossed in.  I've had a go at making the chocolates since, using Liz's recipes, and couldn't be happier with the results.  Highly recommended for anyone who's wanting to make healthier choices, but finds themselves scratching their head at the difference between their cocoas and their  coconuts.’ Jane Perry, Actress and Massage Therapist (May 2012)

‘I went to Liz’s Raw Chocolate Workshop in May 2012 which was very inspiring and informative. I’d always imagined making chocolate and truffles too difficult but Liz broke it down into easy steps. I especially liked learning about the different sweeteners to use.’ Jo Tocher, Natural Health Pracititioner (May 2012))

‘The course was great. Liz happily shared her knowledge and was very informative. This was my first introduction to Raw Chocolate and it has been an eye opener. Can’t wait to make my chocolates.’ Simone Philcox, Receptionist (May 2012)

Great workshop - friendly, knowledgeable, and down to earth. Dawn French of Earth Sky Events (Mar 2012)

‘I really enjoyed Liz’s workshop. She is so friendly and generous with her knowledge. All chocolate recipes that we tasted, and there was a lot of them, were amazing. I’ll definitely be back for one of her other workshops.’ Asa Simonsson of Herbal Linea (Oct 2011)

‘Very enjoyable, informative and inspiring workshop. Delicious recipes!’ Agyana Myers (Oct 2011)

Very informative, a good way to learn more about the ingredients, to see, smell and taste. And there was a lot to taste!’ Tracie Baines (Oct 2011)

‘Fantastic. A return to the childhood joy of being absorbed in creating something. I found the whole thing inspirational and relaxing. Thank you!’ Catherine Wood, Musician, December 2009

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the course, a relaxed atmosphere and lots of fun! Amazing tasting chocolates!’ Bridget Curry - Baker, December 2009

‘Great workshop! Seemed to suit beginners as well as people with some experience. Very tasty! Lots of fun!!’ Julia Watt - Admin Assistant,  December 2009

‘I’ve had a great day and it answered a lot of my questions. Thank you very much.’ Helen Laval - Chocolate Maker, December 2009

Liz's workshops are informative, relaxed and fun. The delicious desserts and chocolate impress even the most sceptic dinner guests, highly recommended! Hazel Krause - Nanny, May 2009 (& December 2007)

‘Great workshop, worth every penny - the hands on approach is perfect. I would recommend this workshop to everyone!’ Maria Santos Roman - Admin Assistant, April 2009

‘Very informative, very enjoyable, very convivial, very healthy, very yummy, very full, very happy!’ Ruth Lass Hargreaves - Actress December 2008

‘A very well structured & knowledgeable course.’ Alistair Whitlock, Acupuncturist & Yoga Teacher - December 2008

'Really good fun afternoon!' Nicola Dunbar, Massage Practitioner - June 2008

'Fantastic session! The recipes are great - easy to understand and make. Liz makes it all look so easy and is very enthusiastic. I would highly recommend you attend, especially since the recipes are gorgeous.' Lynne Hutchison, Accountant - June 2008

'Being new to the raw food concept, it was pleasantly surprising how yummy it all was, especially as it had no sugar. Thank you Liz.' Sarah Medin, September 2007

'Brilliant - friendly atmosphere, inspiring and informative. It will allow me to cut sugar from my diet which is always my downfall!' Bianca Hall, Mother - June 2008

'Got loads of inspiration for healthy sweets.' Akhila Lundberg, Handbag maker - March 2008

‘Really good fun and inspirational! Thank you.' Roksana Quraishi - March 2008

'Liz - you will go to heaven!' Anna Watson - March 2008

'I had a lovely time during the workshop, made yummy foods and Liz's organisation and attention to detail was great.' Angela Mammarella - March 2008

'I now feel confident about using alternative ingredients and approaches to making sweet things.' Carol Trevor, Yoga Teacher - September 2007

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