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22 mouth-watering  
and simple raw chocolate recipes for you to make at home (instant download)

just £9.99!

Chocolate Recipe Book healthier chocolate and sweet treats at the heart of everything we do!

NO  Dairy . Sugar . Wheat . Gluten . Soy      Only the best natural ingredients

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Handmade Raw Chocolate Trufflesraw chocolate truffles

Handmade, melt-in-your-mouth truffles, made with raw chocolate, and free from any sugar, dairy, gluten or soy.

Raw Chocolate Truffle Gift Boxes

For more information about the truffles click here

Please note that these truffles are made to order, so you may need to allow  a little more time for delivery than for other items on this site.

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Raw Chocolate Making Kitraw chocolate making kit                   £12.50

Make your own bars or bonbons with this easy to use kit that will appeal to adults and children like

For more info about the kit click here.

This kit is supplied with foil cases to make bonbons, but if you would like
to buy a special chocolate bar or bonbon mould to go with the kit, click here.


Choose from the following sweeteners:

Raw agave syrup

Sweet Freedom Mild


Box of Ten Truffles        £8.50  Box of Twenty Truffles  £14.00
Choose Sweetener: