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22 mouth-watering  
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PACARI 100% Raw Chocolate Bar 100g

PACARI is one of the very few bean to bar makers to offer a range of raw chocolate bars.

Based in Ecuador, their chocolate is truly amazing, with a depth of taste that is rare in the world of raw chocolate.

This kind of taste is more usually associated with roasting and conching, neither of which are possible with raw chocolate.

So it is entirely due to very skilful fermentation, plus the high quality of their Arriba Nacional beans.

Pacari have won several awards, and when you taste their chocolate you can see why.

This 100% Raw  Chocolate Bar is not only guaranteed made from raw chocolate (and nothing else), it is also certified by Demeter, meaning that the cacao is farmed biodynamically - even better than organic!

Why 100%?

All the other products in Pacari’s raw chocolate range are made with sugar or evaporated cane juice - the 100% bar is the only sugar free bar that Pacari bar do.

100% is of course STRONG! I remember my first taste of a 100% bar, brought back by my brother from a trip to Paris a few years ago…..I wasn’t that keen…..

However 100% chocolate, whilst not for everyone, is a taste that soon grows on you. It has become the UK Pacari representative’s favourite out of all their range, and I also love it. I find that Pacari’s 100% is much ‘gentler’ and more palatable than others I’ve tasted. And of course you don’t need that much to get a chocolate hit, so it’s good for weight loss AND your pocket!

So give it a try - you might be pleasantly surprised!

Click here to read about the rise in popularity of 100% chocolate: Chocolate - The rise of the cocoa purists

Sensitive to sweeteners?

This 100% bar is a great choice if you love chocolate but can’t tolerate even the healthier sweeteners used as alternatives to sugar in most raw chocolate.

If you do find that it is too strong for you, I suggest melting it down very very gently over a bain marie* and adding a sweetener that you can tolerate, then setting it in the fridge.

The syrups (eg agave, maple, honey, sweet freedom) work well. I would suggest using about half the weight of syrup to chocolate, eg for 25g chocolate, use around 12g of syrup: this is about 65% chocolate to 35% sweetener.

* Place the chocolate in a heatproof bowl over another bowl of hot water and cover with a plate. Refresh the hot water as necessary until the chocolate has melted

Tasting notes: banana, raisins, rum

Fine chocolate is best tasted slowly - break off a square, inhale the aroma, then place it on your tongue, chewing a few times, before letting it melt slowly in your mouth. Can you identify the tastes I’ve given, or maybe you get something different?


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