Sweet Sensations

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making chocolate as healthy and delicious as possible

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chocolate bar & bonbon making workshops for kids

with sweet sensations

A fun and creative way to learn about healthier sweet food!

These workshops are taught by fully qualified, experienced, CRB checked nannies and teachers.

See below for details of the different kinds of workshops we run. The workshops are suitable for birthday treats, for small parties or for school activities.

Contact Liz on 020 8883 7210 or liz@sweetsensations.uk.com for more info or to book.


two hour workshops in crouch end

Hazel KrauseThese workshops are taught by Hazel Krause, a fully qualified, experienced, CRB checked nanny.

The events take place in Hazel’s own kitchen in Crouch End N8 for up to six children.

Cost: £140.00 per workshop.

The kids make their own chocolate bars and bonbons using raw chocolate, coconut oil and agave syrup. They learn how to flavour and decorate the chocolate, how to measure out ingredients, and also about the health properties of the ingredients as well as a brief history or chocolate.

The children make wrappers for the bars and take them home with them. They are given a recipe sheet so that they can make the bars again at home.

The level of the workshop is geared towards the ages of the children.

two hour workshops at a venue of your choice

If you want us to come to your home, or to another venue, then let us know where and how many children and we’ll give you a price for the workshop.

These events can be for more than six children/teenagers as two or more of our trained nannies and teachers can attend.

The format of the workshops is the same as above but there is scope for flexibility as regards time etc.

The level of the workshop is geared towards the ages of the children.

For pricing and questions, contact Liz on 020 8883 7210 or liz@sweetsensations.uk.com

workshops for schools

These workshops are perfect for primary schools, for instance during school hours as part of a school project on food or chocolate, or as an after school activity.

Workshops in schools generally take about 75 minutes, and are for a maximum of nine children at a time. Three workshops can be fitted into one school day so if you require workshops for a whole year group then we can either spread workshops over a couple of days or have two chocolate workshop teachers running workshops simultaneously (space and availability permitting).

At present, we are only running these workshops in the North London area, or in areas that are very easily accessible from North london.

Price guide and more info coming very soon. In the meantime contact Liz on 020 8883 7210 or liz@sweetsensations.uk.com  for more information.

    ingredients used

raw chocolate powder, raw cacao butter, extra virgin coconut oil, raw agave syrup or sweet freedom, various fillings such as dried strawberry pieces, dessicated coconut, citrus rind etc. (All ingredients are pesticide/agrochemical free)

No nuts, dairy, wheat, sugar or soy are used in the workshop, although the ingredients have been stored in an environment where these ingredients may have been used.

Please let us know about any food allergies/sensitivities any of the children suffer from when booking the workshop.