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22 mouth-watering  
and simple raw chocolate recipes for you to make at home (instant download)

just £9.99!

Chocolate Recipe Book healthier chocolate and sweet treats at the heart of everything we do!

NO  Dairy . Sugar . Wheat . Gluten . Soy      Only the best natural ingredients


    With two different types of sweetener - just choose the one you prefer  

    1) using AGAVE SYRUP as the sweetener

    2) using SWEET FREEDOM as the sweetener

This kit contains everything you need to make your own raw chocolate bars or bonbons, completely free from sugar, dairy, gluten & soy.

Chocolate MakingThe recipe requires no cooking, and is easy enough that children can get involved, but sophisticated enough that grownups will love it too.

The kit includes

- raw chocolate powder, raw cacao butter, agave syrup or sweet freedom

- some foil cases you can use if you wish to make bonbons, plus a detailed instruction booklet, giving you step by step instructions on how to make your own bars or bonbons, and including tips on flavourings and fillings.

Once you’ve used up the ingredients, you simply buy more and carry on making your own chocolate bars - so much cheaper than buying them in the shops (for instance a 35g raw chocolate bar costs about 70p when you make it yourself, but at least £2.00 when you buy it in the shops).


Medium Break Apart Chocolate Bar Mould

To make the chocolate with this kit you can use the foil cups supplied, or even something as simple as the base of a sandwich box.  

Better still, buy one of Sweet Sensations Easy To Use Chocolate Moulds. Just pour the chocolate mix into the mould, place in the fridge or freezer to set, and the chocolate will just slip out of the mould, looking amazingly professional.

Click here to see our fab selection of chocolate moulds

Other Information:

This kit is free from nuts, but is prepared in an environment where nuts are used.

The ingredients are ethically traded, pesticide and agrochemical free (apart from Sweet Freedom which is not organic but is made in the UK).


The box is made from 70% recycled materials, and the container for the sweetener can be composted.

Raw Chocolate Making Making Raw Chocolate Bars Making Raw Chocolate Bars
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raw chocolate making kit               £12.50

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