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22 mouth-watering  
and simple raw chocolate recipes for you to make at home (instant download)

just £9.99!

Chocolate Recipe Book

NO  Dairy . Sugar . Wheat . Gluten . Soy      Only the best natural ingredients

sweet freedom

Made only from carob, apples & grapes, with a low GL (not raw).

Recommended in Daily Mail, Fresh, Woman's Own, Slim at Home, Kindred Spirit, Weight Watchers, Zest, Off the Hoof, and by London Mums website, Love Food Love Drink website, Imperfectly Natural website and many more ... and winner of the GOLD Great Taste Award 2012.

alternative sweeteners / natural sugar substitutes

Please note that the price of some of these sweeteners may be a little higher than in the shops. This is to allow for the higher cost of postage, as these items are heavier than other items we sell. It does not mean you will end up paying more for these items than on other sites - in fact, it is quite likely you will be paying a little  less.





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coconut palm sugar (Philippines; made from the nectar of the coconut tree (NOT from palm); GI of 35; rich nutritional content; ethically and sustainably produced; can be used as a 1:1 replacement for cane sugar; dissolves easily in liquids; not raw but minimally processed)


For more info on these sweeteners, visit the articles page.


xylitol (GM free, GI of 7-11; not raw; please note that xylitol is not yet available as an organic product)

Please note that xylitol is toxic to dogs.

For more info on xylitol, click here.

total sweet xylitol     derived from birch  225g      £3.20


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back to top Xylitol

Two varieties: 350g - £3.50

sweet freedom original (fairly neutral taste and a good replacement for honey or agave syrup)

sweet freedom dark (a more distinctive molasses like taste)

A butterscotch/shortbread tasting yellow powder made from the lucuma fruit of Peru. Delicious for flan bases, and goes really well with chocolate, making recipes taste more like dairy chocolate.

Lucuma is low GI and slightly sweet, therefore you can use it as a sweetener in its own right, as well as for its butterscotch flavour. Using it in a recipe means that you can use less of your usual sweetener.

lucuma powder  (Peru; pesticide/agrochemical free, ethically traded)

Lucuma Powder

AVAILABLE BY SPECIAL ORDER ONLY Please email  for details of prices/timings etc if you would like more info

Yacon Root Syrup Raw Agave Syrup

yacon root syrup (pesticide/agrochemical free, ethically traded; low calorie, sweetness comes mainly from ‘fructooligosaccharides’ which cannot be absorbed by the body and which feed the friendly bacteria in the gut)

agave syrup (dark agave salmiana; Mexico; pesticide/agrochemical free; ethically traded; GI of around 40)


This agave is not raw, but is fairly lightly processed compared to most other agave syrups.   Taste-wise, on my workshops it always gets a big thumbs-up from attendees when they try it against ‘normal’ processed agave syrup.
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£12.50 for 250ml

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£7.50 for 250ml

AVAILABLE BY SPECIAL ORDER ONLY Please email  for details of prices/timings etc if you would like more info